About US:


How do I even start this? It's like filing out an online dating profile haha......

          I am an animal loving, plant based eating, shopping machine. I am passionate about travel, exploring new cultures, subjects and always learning. I enjoy cooking and putting together new recipes, crafting and trying my hand at DIY projects. 

          I have two fur babies, and am currently on a mission to be able to work from anywhere. To be able to have the freedom to live my life each day as I want to and I hope to inspire others along the way.  Currently I am also enrolled in a Holistic nutrition course- I am a career student at heart and this path really resonates with me; I am excited to share with you all of the things I have learned. This is something I am currently so passionate about; how to heal the body from the inside and keep it healthy by not putting in toxic chemicals into and on it. By using minerals and vitamins to heal our ailments rather than turning to prescriptions. 

                                    Xo, Love Always Car