Perfect Protein Pancakes

- 1/2-1 cup Whole wheat flour

- 1/2 -1 cup Oats

- 1 scoop of protein powder ( This ingredient is optional)

- 1 large banana

- 3 tablespoons chia seeds

- 2 tablespoons hemp heart

- 2 teaspoons brown sugar

- 1/2- 1 cup Almond Milk ( Or your liquid of choice - this could even be water) - you may need more than this to make the batter the right consistency

- Handful of chocolate chips

Mix all the ingredients in one bowl making sure that the banana can become smashed. I generally freehand this recipe until I get the kind of running consistency I like for cooking my pancakes. Use a flying pan or grill on medium heat and once there is nothing sticky left on the bottom flip over. Your batter needs to be kind of runny and not too thick if they are too thick they will not cook all the way through and will still taste very doughy when you go to eat them.

- You can also add other fruits and nuts to this recipe. I didn't have any nuts when I made these yesterday morning but did add raspberries and blackberries.

Top with whatever you like maple syrup, etc. Enjoy!

(and I am so sorry I did not take a photo of this recipe but I will next time and update the post!)

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