Filling Portobello Fajitas

- 2 large Portobello mushrooms

- 1/2 a large onion

- 4 Whole wheat Tortillas - Small bundle of fresh spinach - Salsa

- You can add Sour Cream if you like - 1 Small cut up Red Pepper

- Cheese of your choice Whatever other veggies you want to put in your wraps 1. Chop up the portobello Mushrooms and onion and put in a medium fry pan with a tablespoon of olive oil (or whatever kind of oil you like) this will take about 10 minutes

2. If you use cheese put it in your tortilla and heat it up for a few seconds (if you like) 3. Then add your veggies and salsa

4. Add your mushroom and onion Now, Sit down and stuff your face with this delicious and may I say EASY, and yes ill say it again SUPER Easy meal.

This recipe will make 4 small size fajitas - should be enough to feed 2 people

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