Kill'er Kombucha - Different flavor options available

What you will need: - A large Glass jar - that will hold at least 12 cups of water plus a SCOBY - A breathable cloth to put over the top of the jar

- A rubber band

- A starter

- 6 bags of tea (of your choice, you can use any. 2 green tea and 4 flavored is what I have been using for my brews so far)

- 1 cup white sugar

If you are getting a SCOBY from someone - you will not need to clean the jar. If you are transferring it to a new container or are starting with a dehydrated SCOBY you will need to wash it.

Start by washing out the inside of your glass jar. I start by washing with hot soapy water, then I rinse with Apple cider Vinegar, or something else acidic. -If you have a SCOBY from someone, make sure you leave 1 cup of the previous ferment in the glass jar with it. Put 12 cups of water in a pot to bring to a boil, once brought to a boil add your 1 cup sugar ( you can use coconut sugar or sucanat as well). Stir in the sugar until totally dissolved then add tea bags and remove from heat. Allow to steep until water is at room temp. Once the mixture has cooled, remove the tea bags and pour it into the glass jar with the SCOBY. Cover the jar with your cloth and fasten it. Put the Jar in a well ventilated, dark place. Allow it to ferment for 7-15 days. If you like it sweeter, move to new containers closer to the 7 day mark. If you want it more tart and with a vinegar taste - leave for 15 days.

Once your have chosen your desired fermentation move the kombucha to glass containers that can be tightly sealed and fit in your fridge. Start the process over again :) If you want to add fresh and other flavors to your tea you can do that as well. My first batch was Watermelon Mint antioxidant tea. To add fresh flavors: (watermelon & mint - this is what I did) Once your fermentation period has been completed get ready to bottle your brew. I clean all my jar before I start then, I put 5 cups of freshly cut watermelon and a handful of mint into my blender - and blended them together. Once they were well blended I filled 1/5-1/4 of the bottom of my jars with the mixture. Then I poured in the kombucha that was ready. Then Pop in the Fridge and Enjoy!

Tea bag mixtures: 1st - 2 - green tea 2- antiox - tropical 2- boost - berry burst flavored Then in some of it I freshly added the watermelon and mint

2nd - 2 - green tea 2 - blueberry mojito 2- Davids Tea - The Skinny

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