All the bacteria you didn’t know you wanted to be friends with

Fermented Foods also known as probiotic/cultured foods, contain live, good-for-you bacteria. Since as long as I can remember we have discussed bacteria as a bad thing- we constantly wash our hands and wipe surfaces we use with anti-bacterial products and are prescribed antibiotics to kill bacteria when we are not feeling well. But the truth is that certain bacteria are widely responsible for keeping us healthy, allowing us to live well each day. Good bacteria (microbes) allow us to break down food, and synthesize vitamins, minerals and fat. They help build our immune system and fight off bad bacteria and a better physical and emotional state. Cultured foods can help you bring balance back into all areas of your life – because feeling good really is at the core of that and your gut health is where that all starts. Examples of cultured/fermented foods are: Kefir, kombucha, cultured vegetables, miso, kimchi, sauerkraut By using cultured foods, you are replacing the good bacteria in your gut and allowing it to take over and attach also to cells, to reach every part of your body including the immune system. This allows the body to naturally heal itself. Some of the benefits of using cultured foods are: Eliminating constipation, Promotes a natural feeling of well-being, helps with weight loss, treat yeast infection, Cleanse the liver and detoxify. balance blood sugar, reduce inflammation, reduce and alleviate allergy symptoms, acne I can't even express how much I love and am somewhat -addicted to Kombucha. I just started making it from home and will be posting the recipe for it right away. I also have it on my list to start making kefir at home as well but if you would like more detailed information and where to start with cultured foods a wonderful book to start with is Cultured Food for Health - A Guide to Healing Yourself with Probiotic Foods by Donna Schwenk.

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